Cleanliness (ISO 16232…)

Our recognitions in this field :

Accreditation according to Standard NF EN ISO / CEI 17025 version 2017.

Airbus helicopter qualification: particulate extraction (ISO16232).

Cleanliness tests

For the validation of the cleanliness of your components: The cleanliness tests are defined in particular in the ISO 16232, VDA19 and ISO 18413 standards. The principle of the method is an extraction of the particles present on a sample (in general the equivalent of an area of ​​1000 cm2). The extraction can be done in different ways (extraction, agitation, ultrasound…). The extracts are filtered and analyzed by a particle measurement system.

Our means

  • Laminar flow hood equipped with a HEPA filter: preservation of the sample from external sources of pollution.
  • A room equipped with a HEPA filter: guarantee of an environment with a low level of particles.
  • Stainless steel tanks, which can be fitted with cascade filters and allow samples of more than 50 cm to be treated.
  • Microscope equipped with a motorized stage. A resolution of less than 0.7 to 1.4 µm/pixel.
  • Solvents used: bonderite, desodo 58, ethanol, Isopar…
  • Customized reports according to your requirements and specifications