Artem is an independent private laboratory. With more than 25 years of experience, we are specialized in material analysis

About us

Created in 1989 Artem specializes in the analysis of materials (metallic, polymer …). We work in very varied fields (automotive, aerospace, jewelery, dental …). We perform mechanical tests, chemical analyzes, cleanliness measures …

Our strengths :

•An independent private laboratory

•More than 25 years of experience in materials analysis

•Deadlines respected and adapted to your needs

•Cofrac accredited on materials analysis and cleanliness tests

Our work begins with you: understanding what you need, so you can offer you relevant options.

Products and services

Metallographic analysis: our laboratory carries out structural tests after chemical etching hardness tests (Rockwell, Brinel, Vickers), coating thickness measurements, depth of treatment tests …

Printed circuit board (PCB) : after cold mountind and diamond polishing, we carry out defect investigations on the solders (porosity, intermetallic, crack …) as well as shear test on component …

Cleanliness test: particle search after extraction with a solvent and filtration. A particle counter classifies particles according to their size and appearance (ISO 16232 …)

Polymer analysis: characterization using ATG, DSC, infra-red measurement, or shore hardness measurement.

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