Our recognitions in this field :

Accreditation according to Standard NF EN ISO / CEI 17025 version 2017.

  • Structural study (NF A 05-150).
  • Coating thickness (NF EN ISO 1463, ISO 2808 méthode 6A).
  • Determination of the geometric characteristics of the beads.
  • Metallographic examination on printed circuits (internal method).
  • Vickers hardness test (NF EN ISO 6507-1).
  • Coating thickness (NF EN ISO 1463).

Our services

Metallographic analysis is the study of the structure and properties of metals and alloys. It is carried out after coating a sample and diamond polishing. A macroscopic or microscopic observation will provide information on the part: study of fracture surfaces, analysis of inclusion defects, measurement of coating deposit, measurement of hardness (Brinel, Vickers, Rockwell), depth of treatment, characterization of welds, etc.

PCB tests :

Solder quality: these tests are carried out after coating and diamond polishing. The analysis is done using a binocular magnifying glass or a microscope, in addition the analysis by electron microscopy can be used: dimensional measurement on the structure of the solder, search for intermetallics, search for defects ( porosity, crack, impurities).

Component tear test (shear test): The printed circuit containing the component to be tested is placed on a support, pressure is applied to it until it breaks.

Rupture facies analysis: the facies study is based on a macrographic analysis (binocular magnifying glass) and a study by SEM. All the observations allow in most cases to a hypothesis on the origin of the rupture (fragile, ductile…).

Tensile test : measurement of the tensile force for resistance tests on crimped cables…