Metallographic analysis is the study of the structure and properties of metals and alloys. It is realized on sample after cold mounting and diamond polishing. A macroscopic or microscopic observation will give information about the part: fracture facies study, inclusion defects analysis, coating measurement, hardness (Brinel, Vickers, Rockwell), depth of treatment, weld characterization …

Tests on PCB :

Solder quality: these tests are done after cold mounting and diamond polishing. The analysis is done using a binocular loupe or a microscope, in addition the analysis by electron microscopy can be used: dimensional measurement on the structure of the solder, search for intermetallics, search for defects ( porosity, crack, impurities…)

Shear test: The PCB containing the component to be tested is placed on a support, a pressure is applied on it until rupture.

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