Brinell (HB), Vickers (HV) and Rockwell (HR) hardness test

Standards: NF EN ISO 6506, NF EN ISO 6507, NF EN ISO 6508
This service is carried out by our laboratory. The principle is based on the use of an indenter which is pushed into the surface of the sample, according to a defined force and time.
Depending on the hardness to be made, the indenter is:
Brinell hardness: a steel ball
Vickers hardness: diamond shaped
Rockwell hardness: conical diamond or ball.
The impression made by the indenter makes it possible to define the hardness of the sample. The smaller the indent, the harder the sample.
Our laboratory also carries out HV microhardness tests: this method makes it possible to work with low loads and in general on micrographic sections.
We can implement other hardness measurement methods: Knopp, Shore (Polymers), HR15W, etc.
Our laboratory is accredited for HV microhardness measurements (accreditation 1-1298, scope available on

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