Thickness measurement, micrographic section method

Standard: ISO 1463, NF EN ISO 2808
This service, carried out by our laboratory, consists of making a suitable coating, from a sample. The resin used can be a cold crystal resin, necessary in the case of heat-sensitive materials (plastic, paint, aluminium, etc.), or a hot resin, which in certain cases reduces the effect of shrinkage.
The cross section thus produced is polished. Depending on the nature of the material, this polishing uses abrasive paper discs (P80 to P1200) then fiber discs associated with finishing liquids to obtain the polishing quality necessary for the analyses.
This polishing step is a very delicate step in the analysis process, poor polishing (inclination of the cut, abundant scratches, edge effect, buttering, etc.), can lead to an erroneous result. Our laboratory checks the quality of the work during this operation using regular observation (visual, binocular magnifying glass, microscope), depending on the stage of the process.
For the measurement of the thickness of the coating we essentially use microscopy (from 0.9488 to 0.04607 µm/pixel).
Our devices are calibrated using object micrometers connected to the international system.
Our laboratory is accredited for these measurements (accreditation 1-1298, scope available on

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